Herbal-Vet | Reinach | Switzerland
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Our company is your most reliable consultant, international business partner finder and supplier of herbal solutions for animal and plant health.

We help you to improve the productivity of your farm animals - Cattle, Sheep, Pigs and Poultry with herbal solutions that help your farm animals stay healthy and relaxed. This results in increased productivity and better profits for you.

For your pets – cats and dogs we have herbal solutions to help them relax, look good and feel good. This results in the pets living comfy and stress free lives, reduces the incidence of pests and disease and your pets live longer.

For your lawn and garden we have herbal solutions that make them look greener, needing less pesticides and fertilizers and less prone to fungi.

The herbal solutions have no side effects in animals and leave no residues on plants. You can use them confidently and enjoy the results.

We follow the philosophy that each client is unique and provide each client with a personalized plan to fit the animal’s specific needs. Contact us with information on your farm animals, pets, lawn and garden needs and we can recommend to you the best options.

Our Principal Raja Mahendran has 20 years experience in the Animal Health industry from two global leaders in Animal Health. Today he is an International Strategic Business Consultant and Executive Coach for the Animal Health industry